Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kelly's Birth Story

Kelly's birth story, just like Greer and Isla's was unique.
This pregnancy I had constant braxton hicks. At night sometimes they would even become regular, about 3 minutes apart. My doula and I had a conversation about how you can sometimes will things to happen how you want. Adam kept saying I would go into labor on a Friday when I was relaxed for the weekend.

This Friday night we put our girls to bed about 8 and watched a little TV. I had Braxton Hicks consistently every 3 minutes. We went to bed at 9pm and the Braxton Hicks contractions were all over my belly and changed to very low spanning front to back.

I told Adam they had changed and he timed them, 6 minutes apart. When they got to 4 minutes apart I told him he should probably call the midwfe and he replied he had already texted her. He called her then, and she was already on her way.

The contractions become more intense and closer together.

We were laying in our bed "spooning" and this was my first labor we were able to have a break in between contractions. We were talking, and laughing. I remember thinking how I will never forget this amazing moment. Just the two of us in our bedroom, about to have our new baby.
I did tell him in between contractions I was totally fine with him making that snip snip appointment and we laughed about that.

When I had to get up to pee the contractions became more intense. So I would begrudgingly get out of bed and it would trigger another contraction. So I got relief one way but then it made it harder in another.

The contractions continued to become closer together and more intense, then starting coming one after another. I got up to go to the bathroom again and had the feeling of the baby moving lower. I asked Adam if he could see any of the baby and he said no.

Adam called the midwife and she was five minutes away.

I was determined not to have another baby on the toilet so I got back in the bed. I definitely had the urge to push and finally the midwife made it.

She jumped right into action getting everything ready. At this point I had put a pillow over my eyes. I was trying to stay calm as it felt like he was about to come out and the contractions were coming back to back.

I said I wanted to push and she said do what felt natural. She instructed me to do little pushes.  Adam said he had hair. A few small pushes later and he was out and on my chest. He was so warm and adorable and started crying right away. Adam leaned down and gave me a kiss. We had done it again and now had a son!

Kelly Adam Long was born at 11:01 on March 3rd. He was 8lbs 10oz and 21 inches long.

His cousin Olivia wanted him to wait until her birthday March 4th - he was just a bit early.

The midwife took care of all the afterbirth stuff and Adam held him while I took a shower. Kelly started nursing and we all just hung out in our room while I drank orange juice.
She then told us his shoulder was stuck and she had to free it. Later we had the pediatrician and Chiropractor both look at his shoulder and it was just fine. And happy for me, I didn't tear at all.

The next morning Greer came in our room and was so excited to learn Kelly was here. She kept saying "I'm a double big sister!"

Overall I'm so happy I got to stay home again to have my third baby. All three of my experiences were very different but all good. I wish everyone could have positive birth experiences, however they choose to give birth.


  1. You amaze me, mama!! I am so overwhelmed with pride for you!!

  2. I love this!!!! So amazing!!! Can't wait to meet the little hunk of cuteness!!!