Sunday, May 11, 2014

Isla's Birth Story (pronounced 'eye-lah')

I want to get down the details of Isla's birth before everything gets fuzzy.

The first thing I think of is how nothing is ever how you plan it. I knew my second labor could never be predicted but I surely never ever thought it would go down like this!

On Friday May 9th we woke up as usual and Greer and I headed out to Muffin's with Mom at her school. I was so glad we were able to go spend that time together. She had made me the sweetest presents and she was so excited that we would be leaving school together instead of her staying while I went home to work. We went to a park with several other moms and classmates. The kids ran around and I got to visit with the moms, all who had given birth to their second or third children within the last year.

I had been uncomfortable for quite awhile and it was no secret I was ready to have this baby. A few weeks prior I had spent part of a Sunday in bed with pretty intense contractions. I was having Braxton Hix contractions all the time. Sometimes they were even painful, but I was assured they were not working contractions. On Friday I was having some painful contractions in my lower abdomen every now and then but I just assumed they would go away like the last time.

We stayed at the park until about 11:15. Everyone else was going to lunch but I had a smoothie while we were at the park. I was getting tired so I just wanted to get Greer home for a nap so I could lie down.

After we got home the contractions became more frequent. I was having trouble handling Greer with all her toddler requests and questions and trying to make her lunch etc. I called Adam who was working over at his mom's house and asked if he could come home just in case I needed him. I started timing the contractions at about 12:15. If I laid on the couch the contractions were about 7 minutes apart and if I got up it threw them off and they became sporadic. Adam asked if he should take the rest of the afternoon off and I said yes - they were definitely painful. I had a couple other signs of imminent labor so I called our Midwife and let her know. I was fine in between contractions, talking normally, so neither the midwife nor I had thoughts that she needed to come over even though she was about an hour away.

After Adam got Greer down he started timing the contractions for me and suggested we sit down and watch a tv show, relax, and eat some lunch. At this point I was still hoping the contractions would stay regular and that this was the real thing. Adam got out some labor information and it clearly said that 7 minutes apart was the First Stage of Labor. My contractions weren't even lasting a whole minute and they were still very low in my abdomen and back and weren't all over my belly.

When I laid down on the couch to watch a show with Adam a contraction came and my water broke. It was 1:41. My water breaking definitely had the feeling of a balloon being popped inside but it was followed by a crazy painful contraction. I got a towel and went to the bathroom and Adam called the midwife who said she was on her way.

Back in the bathroom the contractions moved swiftly to 3-5 minutes apart (so Adam says) and they were extremely painful. Adam squeezed my hips and let me sit on his legs like we did during Greer's labor. It hurt SO so so bad and it felt like they were coming right on top of each other.

I spent a lot of time running to the potty and on my last trip I suddenly screamed to Adam that it felt like the baby's head was about to come out. I tried to feel if it was but I didn't feel anything there. Adam got on the phone with the midwife immediately and I basically tried not to push. I could hear what she was saying on the phone. She was asking Adam what he saw. Sure enough he replied that he could see her HEAD!

I started freaking my shit at that point.

Adam was so calm and he basically told me that this was happening and that the midwife had no chance of making it. She talked to him the entire time and I just remember him saying "okay now I see four inches of head". Then I had another contraction and I remember "okay now I see an ear". They were telling me to not push and to try to blow out a candle so that the baby could come out slowly. I'm literally laid out over the toilet at this point, no joke. He told her he could see the baby's face! Then he realized she had no where to go when she came out so they wanted me to shift to the end of the toilet. Somehow I got over to the edge of it - yes it was insanity. I remember him saying there was a shoulder out and I was shocked because I knew I had not torn at all and so I pushed and she basically came right out. There had been a lot of yelling and I was totally freaking out but Adam stayed calm the whole time. So there I am sitting on the toilet holding my baby and the midwife told us to just get her to breathe so we rubbed her and she started crying right away and turned pink. I just sat there in complete awe of what had just happened. I really felt we were okay though. I had panicked at what was happening but I really trusted that we were both really okay.

After a few minutes we all got up and got in the bed. At that point my Doula Katie walked in and saw the THREE of us sitting in bed and she was totally shocked. She had come to support me through labor! No one could have predicted that from the time my water broke it was 30 minutes until the baby was born.

I got up in the bed and just tried to stay comfortable until the Midwife got here. I'm a believer in waiting to cut the cord until it stops pulsing but we had to wait what felt like forever so I was really ready for her to take care of all the "after" stuff as soon as she got here. The midwife got everything clamped and ready and Adam cut the cord. Isla's Apgar score was a 9. Everything looked great with me and Isla started nursing not too long afterwards.

Greer had been napping for the entire crazyness. I swear God has his hand in everything. She came in after everyone was here and was super excited to have her sister. She asked if the baby had come out of my bottom and reminded me that I couldn't wear pants when having a baby. She also still wanted to name the baby Fruna. We have never figured out where she got that name from. She seems happy now that we went with Isla instead.

Isla Nicole Long (pronounced 'eye-lah') was named after Merritt Island, Florida. A very special place to both her dad, and now to me. She weighed in at 7lbs 3oz and is 19" long. She's amazing and we're so excited to have two girls.

I do have an OB and I spoke to her yesterday. I did not inform her of my intent to have a home birth throughout my pregnancy. I didn't want to put her in an uncomfortable position. After talking to her about my labor even she agreed that after my water broke we would not have made it to the hospital, we shouldn't have even tried, and that we did the right thing. Of course she was shocked we didn't go straight to the hospital afterwards.

I'm still in shock and feel very grateful that everything worked out for us. I sincerely wish that somehow my Midwife and Doula would have been here but I'm very happy that my husband is a total baller and stepped up and delivered our daughter.


  1. oh my god! that is craziness, congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful daughter!

  2. You are such a real woman and Adam is the man!! Fruna, I mean Isla is beautiful and I know one day Greer will forgive you for not using the name she chose! I can't wait to meet your precious little one! Congratulations!
    ~Nana Jan