Friday, May 31, 2013

Indialantic {part one}

We're back in Indialantic! I think a blog can officially be called "neglected" if your second to last post was from a year ago.
I do know that family and friends want to know about our trip down here so hopefully I can keep more up to date this time!
We arrived here almost one week ago. We stopped in Jacksonville Florida to see our friends who just moved there with their daughters Brooke and Mia.
Greer was not a fan of mommy holding another baby, but it was really great for us to see Doug, Pam and the girls.
We left Auburn at 8:30am and arrived at our rental house at about 8:00pm. There was a time-change in there but it was quite the long day.
Our friends Seth and Lisa met us at the house with Peperoni and Onion Pizza. It was amazing! Never would have tried that combo but I am hooked!
Greer woke us all up bright and early and we headed out for breakfast. I had eggs Benedict with spinach and avocado and I think it was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had.
In the rental house this year the perks are we could bring our dogs, and we can walk to the beach.
Cooper napping by the pool
We've been to the beach almost every day so far. Lots of jumping in the waves and building Ariel's castle in the sand!
These are tracks from sea turtles coming up to lay their eggs
On Wednesday we went to Disney World. Greer has called most of our family to personally let them know about each and every princess she met. Ariel is her favorite. She was the first princess we met.  I was surprised over and over all day how personal they were with each child. They talk specifically to them for a few minutes. We really had a great Disney experience. Brace yourself - we have pictures with

The only one we missed was Jasmine, and as Greer would say "We sawed her but we didn't meet her". She is really into the Disney princesses right now and we are so glad we chose to go for the day. There was a morning downpour so the first two things we did had shorter lines.
Waiting in line at Enchanted Tales with Belle in the rain
We were all soaked, and the backup clothes were all soaked. But it worked out great for Greer who scored a brand new Rapunzel dress out of the deal!
We're slowly getting settled into our rental house and have lots of plans with friends and lots of family coming in town to visit.
This years trip is already off to a great start!
Surfing lessons with daddy
Greer requested pig-tails so she could be like her BFF Tallie

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