Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Untitled is the name of this one!

Hmmm, What should be my title when I have not posted in SIX MONTHS! How crazy is that?

Today as I was driving to Greer's school for her "Birthday Party for Jesus" I felt that writing a blog post would make me feel better.

You see, I'm sad this month... and it's CHRISTMAS! There are so many things that are just bringing me down I thought
"If I just write them all in one tiny paragraph, then make a super long post listing all the amazing things I have in my life it will lift this fog."

So that's what I'm going to do here.  I can't cover all of the last six months, but I'll get to a few recent things.
First things first, let's purge all this unhappy stuff.
Families loosing their children. Picturing unopened gifts under each family's tree. Fear over our divided country. Having my rights taken away because some people cannot use them responsibly.
Not celebrating Christmas in my home for the first time since we bought our house six years ago. Not having all my Christmas decorations (petty I know - just laying it all out there). Missing Christmas Eve at the church I grew up in.


Feels good to just put it out there - and

Now prepare yourself for picture overload!
In September we moved to Auburn Alabama. We could not sell our house, so we rented it out.
Adam's mom couldn't sell her house so we moved in with her for awhile.
Things are going really well. Better than expected.
Before we left, my dad came and took some pictures of us in our home. I am so grateful he did that.

Greer has started at a new preschool and to say we love it is an understatement. She is going five mornings a week, and learning, playing and soaking up so much like a little sponge!
I've been able to focus on my freelance business more and I am really glad for that.
For the Christmas Program her class "sang" Jingle Bells... or really they shook bells while sitting on the stage. It was adorable. Being a first time parent is a learning process, and getting to go to this was simply amazing.
We went to Samford Lawn (on Campus) to have Greer's picture with Aubie. The line was around the block, so first we tried a picture with the Cheerleaders. Greer was less than impressed, so after this round we headed to Big Blue Bagel for lunch and then home!
One of the many things we are enjoying here in Auburn is the space. Adam's mom owns a beautiful home on several acres, complete with a pond for fishing. Greer and I have been able to spend lots and lots of time outside in the afternoons.
Here she is on her tricycle that she got from my aunt and uncle. She is wearing her Auburn hat, with a big flower that is supposed to be worn on the side. Perfect example of her personality - if I try to shift the hat she tells me no, and then readjusts it to the front. Miss Opinionated is just one of her nicknames :)

Here is a view looking back at the house from the end of the driveway. You can just barely see the house in the top right. It's perfect for playing outside, so much room. Very thankful for this opportunity!

Two more things I'm grateful for are
1. My husband
2. My friends
The weekend we moved just happened to double book with a weekend girls trip to celebrate a Bachelorette party for Beth and baby shower for Suzanne.... both in NYC.
Somehow my wonderful husband moved us all by himself that weekend! He insisted I go as I stood crying in the driveway. I pulled it together, got in the car and drove away from our house for the last time. I then spent an incredible refreshing weekend with six of the best friends I have.
It feels good to list out so many puzzle pieces of JOY in my life. I have so many things to be happy about. Yes there are sad things going on in the world each and every day but the blessings I have outnumber them.
I wish you and your families wonderful celebrations next week. Merry Christmas.

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