Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coastal Living - Week Two

After a bumpy first few days, we had a great second week here in our rental house.

Sunday night our air conditioning went out and by Monday at 3pm the house was 87ยบ and we were all so grumpy we just got in the car and left. We spent the afternoon driving through Adam's old neighborhood and then got a fish sandwich by the water. Once we returned home the air was fixed but still took over 12 hours to cool back down.
It's warm hot down here y'all!

I spent Tuesday at the Apple Store in Orlando, getting my entire Operating System wiped after my computer crashed.

Greer loved playing with the iPad.

We have ducks that wander our yard, and swim in our pool.

A bunch of Adam's friends from High School came to spend the weekend with us.
There was a good bit of eating, drinking and late night wrestling in the pool. I know nothing of the last part because I fall asleep at 10pm every night!
Adam and Seth. This gives you a good view of our kitchen.

The table in the background we use as a changing table. I have no idea what the table is for - but that's just how we roll.
Saturday was spent at the beach and in the pool.

Greer loved hanging out with Seth

At dinner I tried to get a picture of me and Greer... she was mad that we took the phone away to take the picture because she could not keep watching videos!

When she got bored with videos, she snuck over to my purse to use my lip gloss.
Lot's more fun to come this week. Planning a trip to the zoo and we're keeping our fingers crossed that Adam's sister will make it down for a quick visit.
Our trip is half over now, going so fast!!

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