Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coastal Living - Week Three

Busy week three here in Indialantic Florida!
We ventured out for dinner at "Squid Lips" where they have a pirate ship docked for the kiddos to play on.

We also got to watch a group of adults swim out into the River. They said they swim a quarter mile!

Adam honed his engineering skills and invented a new chair. Step two is adding a cup holder.

This is a typical morning for us. Greer loves the hose, and playing with the cooler and whatever is in it.
I put water into her little tea set. It is from Green Toys, made from recycled milk jugs. She loves playing with it and was so excited to have water in it. Although I spent the entire time filling the teapot back up.
One thing I will miss about this house is the Florida room (or sunroom to us southerners). It's so bright and sunny and we've enjoyed lots of reading out here.
We spent a morning at the Brevard Zoo with our friend Carlye, and her son Levi. Carlye rowed on the AU Crew team with us back in the day. The kids, and the moms, had such a good time.
 It was very very hot so Greer's favorite part was the pool at the end.
 Greer is not a fan of the entire house being tiled here. We bought a small rug from Target for her and she loves it.
 Our pool was turning slightly green this week, so we had it professionally cleaned.

Over the weekend, we spent some more time with Adam's high school friends and had dinner with Carlye and her family. Father's day was spent at the beach. It's been a great week!

It's our last week here. We're trying to smash in a few last minute adventures. See you all soon!

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