Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coastal Living - Week One

We've taken the month of June to rent a house near the coast in Indialantic Florida. If you drove down to Orlando and turned East and drove until you got to the ocean.. that's about where we are!
We both have the blessing to be able to work remotely, so we thought we would take some time to check out the small town that Adam called home for his High School years.
We've done a lot in the first week.
It took a while to get settled in.
We've found all the retail stores we could need. Also a three-morning a week daycare for Greer, and spent lots of time in the pool and ocean!
I am promising to update the blog, each of the 4 weeks that we are here! Let's see how I do.
Here is our first week, in pictures.

First Burger King hat. Nice hat - horrible food, never going back!

First time in the Atlantic Ocean

Eye Candy
These grow in our yard. So beautiful and smell like honeysuckles!
As her teachers say "she's a pistol"

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