Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Year

I've resolved in 2012 to cut my cost of living as much as possible.
So I wanted to show you what I call my Do It Yo' Self Shelf!
I can't really say I did it myself, I should say it was "Dad can you come over and hang a shelf for me?"... But who's keeping track of that!?

I wanted some Pottery Barn shelves that were super expensive (to me) for Christmas and I didn't get them. So after contemplating do I really want to spend money to have particle board shipped to me from China..? I thought NO!
So I went in our shed and found an old piece of molding from the old kitchen before we renovated.
Here is the before and after.
It's not the straightest piece of wood but it is centered over the TV I promise!
Dad threw it up with a few screws and then I was able to set a few things that had basically been sitting on the floor for months!I'm still going to paint it, but it does have quite the rustic charm right now!
Total cost of the project? $0

I'm doing several other things - if anyone is interested...
We've cancelled our cable, re-financed the house, cancelled our cleaning service (this gives me lots of apprehension but I'm determined I can clean this place like those amazing women!)
We're eating in more, using cash for all food purchases, and I really hope to grow some of our own food this year!
And I also recommend this book. I've enjoyed it so far, lots of good cost cutting ideas! And I checked it out from the library - even better!
I also wanted to tell you about the prints up there.
Toomer's Corner after Auburn won the National Championship.A silhouette of Greer that a good friend gave to me for Greer's first birthday. I get teary almost every time I look at it. Sweetest present ever for a new mommy!Print from a thrift store that I just love.

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