Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I've been taking some heat from all three of my faithful blog readers for my lack of posting.
So this one is dedicated to Shaina, Allison and Joanie!

It has been a great Christmas this year so I thought I would share just a bit of our days.
We've celebrated with Adam's mom, who was with us for 3 days. We've celebrated with my family on Christmas Day. Adam's dad, step-mom and sister will be here for New Years! It's been full, busy and lots of fun.
On Christmas Eve there was no mistaking that Greer is a girl. (Strangers love to call her a boy)I'm in love with this dress and shoes from Gap. We headed to our Christmas Eve Service at church. Greer did really well most of the time, although she wanted to run around :)The tradition at Smoke Rise Baptist is to hand out an ornament made by church members. This year we received this. It is so beautiful and made me think of each one I received as a child and now my child gets one. I got a little choked up.

We did some "santa" this year.We've been discussing all of that and we're probably going to go the route where she understands that we put the presents out for her... but that's pretty complicated. Just refer to this post for where we're going with that! Jen Hatmaker can explain it much better than me!!

When Greer woke up she went directly for the tri-cycle, which was actually a birthday gift from my aunt and uncle and we hid it away for when she was older. We've now spent the last 4 days pushing her in a circle around the house - it's all she wants.
She also got a new key-chain, some puzzles, books and blocks.
It's been a good Christmas and we look forward to celebrating with the rest of our family this weekend.
I hope you all are enjoying the holidays with your family!

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