Friday, July 29, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday.
Not just any birthday I was informed, but my "golden birthday". 28 years old on the 28th!

And let me just say is was so golden.

There are no pictures for this post because I was too busy enjoying myself to even think of my camera.

Husband pulled out all the stops for this one.

Here is a run-down of my amazing day.
The house got cleaned by The Cleaning Authority. That was just a coincidence, it was their day.
I LOVE those ladies. They come in and accomplish in just a few hours what would take me days to do. They even clean things like picture frames. Are you kidding? I have never cleaned frames on the walls of my house. Sorry but there is just no way.
So score 1 right there.

Greer also took her first steps the night before. We got it on video and it rocks.

At 2pm husband came home from work and I got to head off to the spa. Not only did he find the spa and make the appointment, he pre-paid for everything.
All I had to do was show up.


I got a massage and a facial. Never in my life have I had those two things on one day. Actually when the facial lady asked "how long since your last facial?" I had to reply "Ten years". I don't know how much the facial lady liked me, but I sure did love the facial.
Sitting the the dark quiet room with a steamer and 3 layers of yummy smelling stuff on my face, I think I fell asleep at one point.
But that's just between you and me.

The party didn't stop there! When I got home Greer's Godmother Joanie came over to babysit. Husband and I headed off to Bistro Niko for dinner. It's this amazing French style place.

The food was delicious and the company was even better.
I dare say it was too loud in there... wow how old am I?

But 28 was golden. A birthday I will never forget. Thanks husband. Much love from this very happy lady.

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  1. Happy, happy birthday! That video is too cute.