Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I always try to write this blog like I'm talking to a good friend.
This past weekend, at a wedding in New York, I was talking to a good friend. A really good friend, who told me she doesn't feel so great these days. "I weigh more than ever and I'm buying clothes in bigger sizes than I ever have." she said.
I started telling her all about Paleo. "First do this, then do this" I said.
Suddenly it dawned on me that I don't feel so great these days. I weigh more than I ever have (while not prego) and I'm buying clothes in bigger sizes than ever.
I quickly realized how lax I was in my everyday diet. I just grabbed what was easy instead of thinking about what was going into my body. No wonder I'm not feeling great!

I always say the simplest way to get started on Paleo is to just start!

Here are my quick tips I tell anyone who asks me.

1. Cut sugar from your diet.
Look around, read labels. Sugar is everywhere!
Places the little devil hides! Coffee creamer, Salad Dressing, Processed Foods. Just to name a FEW!

2. Compose all meals and snacks from plants and animals. Sounds funny right? But it's such an easy rule to follow. Evaluate your next meal. Remove all the processed food and see what's left.

3. If you're working out, bring a recovery with you. What the heck is that you ask. When you're done working out do you get home and finish a box of Cheese-Its before you even know what happened?
Your body needs to be replenished right away, with good nutrition.
I suggest making a smoothie/shake (whatever you want to call it) to go along with you to your workout. Drink it on your way home. Then when you get back you're not scrambling to find something on the fly.
A favorite of mine is frozen strawberries, banana, and papaya with a scoop of protein powder. If you're scared to death protein powder will make you bulky then just omit it! Blend it all together with some ice, thin it to your liking with water and pack it to go!

Follow these 3 steps to get you going on Paleo and I promise you'll feel better. You'll feel more energized. Don't focus on the numbers of weight or dress size, I know it's hard.
I just try to focus on how I feel.
I've decided to take one month of hard core Paleo.
I will follow this descriptionEat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.
(I also eat dairy sometimes)

So if you are not feeling your best then give this a try!

Here are some good places for information and support:
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