Monday, July 18, 2011

Cutie Pie, Pizza Pie, & Tye Dye

Wow. Time flies over the summer. Has it almost been a month since I've posted?
Greer is 10 months old now. How did that happen?

She's 10 months of adorable-ness these days.This is what she thinks of solid fruit.Disclaimer - her dad popped her collar. He finds it hilarious.

She does love some leg warmers though. Not a fan of crawling, she prefers the butt-scoot. Or whining until I let her hold my fingers and walk.
Here's a delicious summer lunch. Amy's Pesto pizza. And fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.You probably thought I meant my garden.
Thirteen oak trees don't leave much sun for produce :)
Our neighbor is frequently out of town and asks that we take whatever produce is ripe.
OKAY! Don't have to ask us twice. All we have to do is water it? We don't have to dig and plant and weed? No problem, we'll take your fresh produce!

Adam's kickball team got white shirts this summer. We all got together and tye-dyed them. Fancy Pants needed her onesie dyed as well.
Have a great week. My BFF is getting married this weekend at Oheka Castle.
Same group from the Hamptons two summers ago. We're all a little older now so this trip will be...hmm should I say calmer? Nah, not with this group!!

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  1. Take what produce you like! Ah man I wish I had a neighbour like that... we have a man down the road who has the most amazing lemon tree, but it is highly protected- big fence, dog, locks. He is very cranky, must drink a lot of lemonade because no one ever gets a lemon from his garden!

    P.S you look like the cutest family :-) Thanks for the blog, it is great to see whole families living paleo.