Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's been goin' on?

Hi folks! Lot's of happenings around here that I want to share.

We went to Birmingham to see Aunt Carlye graduate from Spain Park.
We also got to meet this little lady. They are already best friends, just like their mommas :) Greer got to be photographed by her grandpa Daddy Rod while we were there!
My next trip I got the rare treat of being with my two childhood best friends.
All three of us together! It never happens! Whitney and her husband just built a house on Lake Harding so we chose that as our meeting place ;) Megan flew in from D.C.
In between taking work calls, answering emails and taking care of two little girls, we did find time to lounge in the water.We made Monkey Bread.Tucker helped!Tucker and Greer were fast friends. They even shared some strawberries.
On our way in, we stopped by the Auburn Crew docks. My old stomping ground.Over the weekend Adam and I headed to the ballfield where we got to play a friendly kickball game before Taylor and Lindsey's wedding. Wes was the best man this day, and also the best man in our wedding 5 years ago.Fancy Pants enjoyed playing with me on the sidelines.And last but not least, she has some new bath toys. Daddy finds ways to keep himself amused during long bath times! Notice she's trying to unstop the drain. We cannot get her to stop. Most nights she ends up just sitting in an empty tub. That's all I got for now!
Was it enough?
Should I add a dozen more pictures?
See you all soon!

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