Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Potato & Apple

I have been trying my hand at baby food lately. Greer is over 6 months old and eating solids about 3 times a day now. This is the first recipe I tried.A sweet potato and an apple. These are organic. At Trader Joe's it's worth it because there is not much price difference.
I peeled and cubed both and steamed them for 15 minutes.

I left the liquid in, added a couple tablespoons of butter and pureed them up.
I filled my ice cube trays and poped them in the freezer.
Let's see how delicious she found this one...Not so much a happy face. But this was last month, she's liking solids much better now.
Here she was just interested in the spoon!
Last night it was requested that there be MORE pictures of Greer on this blog. I'm not sure how that's possible because I feel like this food blog needs more food! But how can I resist putting up pictures of my little lady!
This is her first Oreo. I know I know. Paleo? Not at all. Why did I even have them in the house? Well a sweet old lady gave me the publix penny item! How could I say no!
Greer had this in her hand for about 15 seconds and when I turned around this is what I saw...
So back to food on my food blog. I have found that the baby food Greer loves is the brand Sprout, by Tyler Florence. I guess she cannot resist HUGE flavor! I am miffed that she does not love my food, however I have found several of his recipes and will be trying them out here soon. It seems she's drawn to anything with cinnamon! So more baby food to come!


  1. Just came across your blog. It looks great! My baby is 5 1/2 months old, so we'll be starting solids soon. Looking forward to getting some great ideas from you. Thanks!

  2. your daughter is just adorable... my baby is 7 months old and hates whatever i make :) loves commercial baby food though :D whatever pleases her :) Love ur baby pictures :) have fun :)