Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!

War Eagle!
Adam and I returned to the snowy south this week from the trip of a lifetime. The tigers beat the ducks and claimed our second National Championship.

I will always remember that game.

We left Fancy Pants with my parents and sister and caught the last flight to Phoenix on Sunday night before the huge snowstorm hit. After only a few tears I felt okay leaving my little one behind and we were off!We rented a super fly bright blue mini-van with 5 of our friends and stayed in a swanky extended stay motel.Monday was spent tailgating in the lot outside of the dome.
When "All I Do Is Win Win Win" came on, the stadium shook we were screaming so loud.
The game was amazing. I mean could it have been any more nerve wracking!? We were all so nervous the entire time, literally up until the last 2 seconds. The players all stepped up and worked as a team, as a family.
This is definitely a top 5 lifetime memory. I was so happy to be able to be there and watch the school that I love so deeply.We went down closer to the field after it was all over.Husband thinks this is the funniest picture ever of himself. We saw Lee Corso in the airport before we left for home. He was very nice and took pictures with anyone who asked!Somehow we were still on time for our flight home on Tuesday and after digging our car out of the Atlanta airport and sliding home at about 35mph we made it safely just in time for a midnight feeding. Fancy Pants did well and my mom and sister had a blast keeping her.

Adam has been out of work all week, we've been able to sit back and enjoy our win. Soak it in. Our first order of business Wednesday morning was to watch the game on TV. We got to see a different side of it, and watch Cam wince in pain. A lot. Poor guy, I think he gave his heart and soul to our team and we love him for it.
So WAR EAGLE friends! It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!

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