Sunday, January 16, 2011

Four Months with Greer

My baby has been with us 4 months today!
Time has flown by and she's growing so fast. Everyday she feels heavier and seems to learn something new. She babbles to us non stop and has started to put pretty much everything in her mouth!She went to church for the first time today and the nursery ladies said she only cried half the time she was there! "Baby steps" right?!

Tonight I used my Beaba Baby Cook for the first time. Nana gave it to us for Christmas. I steamed and pureed carrots and apple. I know Greer is young but I am very excited to try some food to see if she's interested.

I've had lots of requests for homemade baby food and as soon as I can get her eating I will be posting all my recipes here!
Four months, wow. Just goes by so fast, my baby will be in kindergarten before I know it!

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    Thank you, and love the blog! Greer is adorable. :)