Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 weeks with Greer.

It's been just over two weeks with our new addition. Thought I might update y'all on how we are doing.
It's been a ride, let me just say that!

The first few days were great but exactly one week after Greer's birth I developed Mastitis. She cried and I cried, a lot. It was SO painful. I got some antibiotics and now we are both doing great.
I did take a picture at week one and two so we could see how much she's grown.
Week ONE.
WEEK 2.We've had lots and lots of visitors. Everyone wants to see the new lady. My sweet grandmother Moon finally made it over to hold her. She was SO excited. She made sure we got a blanket and socks because she was convinced that Greer was cold. I thought she was just fine in her super cute pink polo from Auntie Suzanne but we wrapped her up anyway.There are now 4 generations of Moon women. My grandmother was born at home. She completely understood when my mom said that Greer was born at home and said "oh with a midwife right?"Nana came to visit today and read lots of books.We also made it over to Papa's studio for our first photo shoot.

Here she is in the outfit that I came home from the hospital in.

Overall we're doing really well. We've had lots of great food too. Our favorite so far is from Shaina. It's a Pioneer Woman recipe, it was amazing. To make it Paleo just omit the buns!

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