Sunday, September 12, 2010

Farm Fresh

We got up bright and early this Saturday to head to the Morningside Farmer's Market.
It happens every Saturday from 8-11:30. But it's better to get there early because once the food is gone... it's gone!
We scored some grass-fed beef, and stocked up the freezer. We also got fresh eggplant, potatoes and peas. I roasted up the potatoes for lunch and they were absolutely amazing! I don't even have a picture for you because I ate them all :)

The food is all grown locally and the farmers just bring in whatever they have from the past week. Everything tasted amazing and I truly believe you can tell the difference in fresh farmed produce!If you're local check it out!

In other news!
Jackie and Cooper's destructive streak is still in full swing. We came home after the Auburn game to find this:The bed is several years old, about 3 and it did have a few holes worn in it. But why they are set on destroying their beds we have no idea! I've ordered a replacement cover for the frame. Hopefully it will last us another 3 years!

It's Monday and I'm still pregnant. We're due Friday so hopefully this little girl makes her appearance soon!

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