Thursday, July 1, 2010

The House Always Wins.

We have an older house, from the 60's. She needs a lot of upkeep and repairs. We have tile walls in our bathrooms and towel bars like these.We've been missing a towel bar for longer than I would like to admit. I finally found a carrier online and ordered a replacement bar.
I was all excited yesterday when it came. Husband measured and cut the bar to size.He snapped the spring loaded bar in place and what happens???

The tile holding the bar in place falls off the wall!
Seriously.We laughed for about 10 minutes. Or really I laughed while husband looked baffled at how the tile had shot off the wall straight into the trashcan. So now we will be grouting the fallen tile back in place before we can get our towel bar up. {sigh}
At least we're halfway there!
Gotta love home repairs.

We saw Eclipse last night. It was SO good. Exactly how I pictured it when reading the book. Best one yet! It's a must see.