Monday, June 7, 2010

Spring plants and a B'day.

My mother is the green thumb in our family. She works in the yard almost every day. I am not nearly that "into it" but I do like it when my small attempts gain success. A few years ago my father in law gave me a gardenia and this year I have ONE bloom! I am so excited it's ridiculous! It opened not too long after I took this. Adam and I also planted some variegated mini gardenias at the same time and this is the first year they have yielded any blooms. We have 13 oak trees in our yard so "shade" plants are the ticket for me. One of my hydrangeas looks amazing this year! I think it might have something to do with all that rain. At least something good came out of a flooded crawl space :)These mushrooms popped up the other day and I think they are beautiful. Being the boy that he is, husband has stomped on some. But I think they are really cool.Yesterday was sister's 24th birthday. Little BR is getting old. Love you sis. I had a great time eating steak and cake to celebrate with you. You have always been quite the fashionista.