Friday, June 18, 2010

Nursery. {part 1}

It's been busy around here. Not the fun, take lots of pictures kind, just the busy with life kind!
After we got through May with our many travels, we've settled into staying home and getting the baby's room ready.
Our house is from the 60's so we've slowly been re-painting every surface in the nursery. The walls, baseboards, molding, closet, doors and door frames, & the ceiling. Even the windows got a fresh layer of caulk! (thanks Lola).
My parents have been a huge help. My mom & sister sewed curtains and dad came over to hang new shelving in the closet. I've got a couple pictures of the wall color, which is Benjamin Moore, Silver Fox. And of the fabric for her curtains.
Her custom furniture by Krafty Kribs will be done at the end of this month. We've been to pick out our stain and I can't wait to see it all in there.
I am 27 weeks pregnant today. And getting bigger by the minute, so it feels. I snapped a picture of myself in the mirror.
Adam has been swamped with school for the past two weeks and weekends solid, but has still found time to help get her room ready.
The dogs of course have been no help. Jackie is actually scared to death of the paint brush and runs the other way if you hold it out to her. She's such a tough pit bull.Did I mention our good friend Suzanne gifted us a BOB stroller? I am so excited to try this thing out! Our parents call it "the Cadillac" because it's so smooth. I will have an attachment so her car seat snaps right in while she's young. With the current dishevelment of the house it sits in our den for now, but that just means I get to look at it often so I don't complain :) Thanks Suzer, we love you!For those of you who read my blog for paleo recipes I do apologize, I haven't been much of a cook since becoming pregnant. I still eat as paleo as possible but have not been in the kitchen trying out new things. My first attempt at sweet potato chips was a fail! But fresh fruit & veggies, nuts, meat and fish are still a part of my every day diet!
More from my paleo kitchen soon. Have a great weekend!

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