Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bag O'Roast

Everyone loves a good pot roast. My mom always made her's in this nifty plastic baggie. I decided I was going to hunt that down at the grocery and try it out. I must say it was a success!
I know some hard core paleo people might not like all the ingredients in the spice pack but I'm totally fine with this. It's quick and easy and delish! Make a big dish on Sunday night and eat on it all week. Yum.
Just grab the packet out of the baking isle and follow the instructions. I used onions, carrots, new potatoes and a roast. I don't peel my potatoes or carrots to retain all the good nutrients!

I only cooked mine for 1 and a half hours instead of two. It was a small cut of meat and I didn't want it to get dry.In other news, Adam's favorite pastime is to torture Jackie. She loves to play, but does not love to be on her back!
She's such a faker. You put your hand anywhere near her mouth and she mouths it like a baby! I had to fill out a form for boarding with a description of Jackie-I almost wrote "live teddy bear".
Have a great week. We're off to the lake for the 4th!

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