Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Panama City

We spent the end of last week in Panama City with my family. It was a really fun trip with perfect weather, great food, and lots of good visiting!
My parents rented a great house right across the street from the beach.

With a fantastic view.
Adam and Dad went golfing one day. Here dad is watching some golf in the afternoon.We spent most our time on the beach, talking and reading. I read this book. It was good for the most part, very enlightening. I wanted to discuss each paragraph with Adam all along the way so I was a super slow reader. We got in a couple games of Boccie ball-and I won one of them! When the girls were reading Adam found other ways to entertain himself. We call this the Umbrella graveyard. The last day was so windy we lost both of ours.

This gem was located right on the beach. I tried to convince Adam to buy it, but he was not interested.
This is our first family trip back to PC in years. I grew up going there every year as a kid. We stayed at the Palmetto. The Palmetto was basically a motel on the beach. The beach-side one has been rebuilt but it looks to me like the one on the other side of the road is still the original.
Here are some Palmetto pics from back in the 80's. I know you are jealous of my sunglasses.
You can actually see the Palmetto in the background of this shot.
We came back Sunday and Jackie left us a little surprise in the backyard. Tennis shoes and potted plants are really the only thing she's ever chewed... at least they were yard shoes!

Also, if you are worried about the oil there was no sign of it at all. The water was really clear actually. We spent some time in it except when there was the shark sighting!

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