Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kitchen Renovation

I keep promising a post on our kitchen renovation, which we completed about 1 year ago now. So finally it is here! I hope it is all you dreamed about, because it sure is for me!
Here is the "before". We had a galley kitchen, very narrow and not open into the den. We had older cabinets that did not reach the ceiling and very limited space. No pantry-so we used the laundry room. You can barely see, but we went ahead and moved our fridge from the inside wall over to the outside. That move freed us up for demo including the floor, the kitchen was tile and the rest of the house is hardwood.We began demo and here you can see the difference in flooring. We removed all the cabinets, and counter tops (most which were reused in the laundry room and carport), appliances, and sink. And here we had begun on the wall dividing the kitchen from the den. That's my dad in there busting out some floor!After the wall and tile was complete we cleaned up for the day, the next step was to get matching hardwood flooring put in. Here is Jackie taking her first stroll on the bare floor.As you can see, they helped out a lot with the renovation!
This is right after the hardwood flooring had been installed. Our guys were GREAT! The company is Heritage Outlet Flooring, Inc. 770-982-7838. I highly recommend them! After the flooring, Adam's mom and step-dad came for a weekend. Cliff and Adam built the new wall for the peninsula and Rebecca stripped all the old layers of wallpaper off!
When that was done, I spent many late nights painting the new wall blue to match the den and the kitchen green.
Next came the cabinets. We got them from STOCK Building Supply. They are beautiful and were a great price. Regina helped us and she was super. 404-352-0880. I got a pantry and deep drawers on either side of the stove to hold all my pots, pans and corning ware! We purchased our hardware from Home Depot Expo and our installer, Trent, drilled holes and added them for us. He was great and I highly recommend him for any renovation you have. Trent Frederick 404-216-1067.
Counter tops were next and I love what I picked out. It is called Giallo Superior. The last appliance to go in was the microwave and we were done! We've been cooking paleo in it for a year now. The main living space is so much more opened now it's wonderful!

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