Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow, a headband and my much loved dogs

It has just stopped snowing here in the ATL. It's been a beautiful morning. Sadly it did not stick but it snowed for hours and hours.You can see it coming down out back through my (messy) kitchen window. I promise to blog about my kitchen renovation soon...
When it is snowy I love my new knitted headband. I don't know who makes it just that I bought it at a boutique in Blue Ridge. I tried to photograph it so you can see it's a headband but apparently you have to be a professional to photograph yarn.

Today I have decided I can finally see a little baby bump. I'm almost 12 weeks now and about to enter my second trimester. Husband and I went to Babies R Us this weekend and got really overwhelmed. Does that happen to anyone else? The list is long and extensive of things they say we will need. I've been leaning on other mama's for suggestions. I want to make sure if we get it we will use it.

I am also a little sad today. In this post about my pups I told you all about where we got Jackie and how much we like this rescue. Adam and I were excited it was going to be featured on the news, however when we sat down to watch we were very sad at what we saw. The owner is being accused of taking donations and not using the funds for the dogs. Seriously!? As if pit bulls don't have it hard enough. I'm glad the only money we gave her was our adoption fee for Jackie. She was worth every penny. If you are ever looking to adopt a dog I still highly encourage you to look into pet rescues.

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