Monday, February 8, 2010

Petit Fours...

...the most UN-paleo thing I've ever made. Seriously.
This Sunday I have 18 ladies coming to my house for a bridal shower for my good friend Jessica. For some reason I decided I wanted to make the petit fours instead of buying them!
The only reason I would have ever attempted this is because a blogger that I stalk-Darby-made them and blogged about them so I was inspired to try!
I used her recipe found here.
I attempted to decorate a few and tried to make the fuchsia color to match Jess' invites. My piping tools are all too large for these small cakes, I will probably use a plastic baggie with a small hole in one corner when I actually do them this weekend. But for a test run they turned out great. They taste good so that's the most important part, getting them cute is now the real test.These things have so much sugar in them I was not kidding when I said the most un-paleo thing ever. The icing is basically two pounds of powdered sugar, seriously!
I hope they are a hit this weekend. More from that shower and other recipes soon!

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  1. And YES, they were delicious! I didn't need to know how much sugar was in it though, LOL! What a great party and hostess! Thank you!