Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goin' to the Chapel...

This past snowy weekend some friends and I threw a shower at my house for my good friend Jessica, who is getting married in April.I made the Petit Fours that I had practiced, they turned out great and I even found these edible rings to go on top. Thanks again Darby!I also made my omelet muffins and tried out a new chicken salad recipe that I would highly recommend. This is the recipe I used. I put them in bibb lettuce instead of croissants just like a good paleo girl!We also served meatballs, chocolate covered strawberries & mimosas which were delicious. I also got to use my vintage tablecloth which I love.
Jessica with her mom and Danny's mom.After this weekend the Paleo Kitchen is all cooked out! Adam and I have both come down with colds so the most I am cooking is my chicken noodle soup.
I will be back soon with new posts on canceling our cable (yikes) and attempting paleo pregnancy!

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