Friday, January 8, 2010

Starting A New Year

I'm here faithful blog readers. December has by far been our busiest month and I have not had time to try out any new recipes to blog about!
I thought I would give you a little year in review. I have really enjoyed going through this years pictures and my dayplanner to remember all the fun times we've had. I am very blessed to have such good friends and family!

January Adam took helicopter flying lessons.February we celebrated Adam's 26th birthday and started planning our Kitchen renovation.March we went to the Billy Joel-Elton John concert to celebrate my mom's birthday.

April brought more kitchen renovations and a trip to Steeplechase with the Magnolia Arms girls.

May we completed our kitchen renovations and took a trip to Panama City to celebrate our friends wedding with a joint bachelor/bachelorette weekend.

June Doug and Pam tied the knot in Auburn and we joined Crossfit Peachtree

July we took a trip to Melbourne Florida, where Adam is from.

August we took a trip to NYC and the Hamptons with the Mag Arms to visit the Suzer.
We also celebrated Crawford and Christin's American wedding.

September we traveled to Charlotte for Adam's crossfit certification.

October took us to Muss & Turner's to celebrate the crossfit certification

November we traveled to Jacksonville for the FL/UGA game.

December was by FAR our busiest month!
I traveled to NYC to help Suzanne set up her new apartment
We both traveled to Charlotte to celebrate Jon's graduation with his MBA from Wake Forrest
Christmas took us to Auburn for a day and our two other families visited us here at our home.
We then traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains to ring in the new year with some friends.
Looking back I have been able to do so much this year. Spend time with friends and family and travel to SO many places, this year one of my resolutions is to take more time at home (not on big projects) and take fewer trips! It has been one busy year.

It snowed last night and I carefully drove Adam to Marta this morning for his 3rd day at his new job with CTS. Here is one of my favorite snow pics from last year. Here is my tough pit bull Jackie in her first snow experience. My dogs are such sissys who love their warm comfy crate!

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