Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beef Spare Ribs-Grass Fed :)

It's a rainy Thursday here. The dogs don't even want to get up to go "potty". My house is a disaster. Every single room has a mess. Every. Single. Room.
I work from home so I am in the mess 24/7. I try to barricade myself into my office and not look. The new year has been so busy I can't believe January is over, or that somehow December is over! Oh well, I will get to my mess soon and then start to build up a new one!

Last night we had Beef Spare Ribs from the crock pot. It was the easiest thing I could manage. Meat from the freezer thrown in the crock pot. We ate it in between nightly activities, standing at the counter. I could barely get a picture in before we devoured them-they were that good!

Season up the ribs on each side with a good steak seasoning. I also threw on some of Dixie's Spice Blend. A gift from a neighbor.Place the ribs into the crock pot and put about one inch of water in the bottom. Drop in two garlic cloves.
Cook on high for the first 4 hours then low for the remaining. Ours cooked for a total of 6 hours and were fall off the bone good. If you are not going to be home, start the crock pot on high then before you leave switch it to low and let them cook all day.
After they are done, if you have more time, slather them with some paleo BBQ sauce (that means it has no sugar) and throw on the grill for a good crispy outside.We did not have sides for this meal we simply scarfed down the meat and ran out the door.
Enjoy! More from my paleo kitchen soon!

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