Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Animals I LOVE...

...first and foremost are Jackie and Cooper. Until the real thing comes along these two are my children.
Adam adopted Cooper from the Lee County Humane Society, in Auburn Alabama. Adam and his roommate Doug went down just "to look" and came home with this little guy. He's the one with the huge ears on top of Hooch. He was found on the side of the road in Auburn and Adam just could not resist. We've had cooper for almost 4 years now. He is our "high maintenance child". He get's anxiety which means he shakes and whines. We think he might have some Basenji in him and that breed is known to whine. Cooper has lots of energy, he's always up for going on a walk and he loves to sleep on either the couch or our bed, both of which are rare treats. But that does not stop him from putting his front paws up on our bed and trying to persuade us to let him up! He is very protective, he must make several swipes of the backyard throughout the day (unless it's cold) to make sure everything is in order.Once we had Cooper a year we decided to look for a second dog. For those of you who don't know me personally I am a big advocate of this. Dogs are pack animals and want constant love and attention and humans cannot provide that for them. With two dogs together they find constant companionship and are not ever lonely and afraid if you have to leave them for extended periods of time. Just imagine being locked in a cage alone for 10 hours a day... then imagine if your best friend was there with you, it would make it much more enjoyable and warm!

We found Jackie through Pit Prints, a local Pit Bull rescue organization. Adam is very passionate about the mis-treatment of this breed and wanted to support by giving a pit bull a loving healthy home. Jackie has returned that love and then some! We adopted her in March and fostered her brother-who we named Kelso. For the week we had them both the party never stopped around here. I was chasing two puppies in two different directions, it was wild. Kelso was placed in a home and we quickly fell in love with our new baby Jackie. She has a really spunky personality that demands attention when she wants it and avoids it when she doesn't. When she was cold in the winter she would sit next to this heating vent.She loves Cooper more than anything in the world but if he's getting attention she bumps him out of the way for some love! We call her "fat head" for obvious reasons and she can bang into anything without flinching. She is fiercely loyal and obedient both characteristics of her breed.Nothing like a cold beer on a hot day of tailgating.I have no idea how she finds this comfortable but on a car ride she will scoot her head to the center console to be as near us as possible.Jackie loves car rides and loves to look out the window during the day.
If you have reservations about the Pit Bull breed I encourage you to look at Jackie and Cooper as examples of a dogs who were raised right and have never so much as growled at another human. They sit patiently on the floor with small children and let them pull at their ears endlessly. Pit Bulls love humans, love attention and only want to please their owners.Here is our Christmas Card from this year that never got mailed!
The dogs first beach experience at Fort DeSoto Park in Tampa.

Here is one last animal-FRANK! We started feeding some kittens from next door a few months ago. We named this little guy Frank and his sister who looked like his twin Beans! Frank has found a permanent home with my parents out in Lawrenceville where he has 5 acres to roam and explore. I just love this picture. This cat is very vocal when he wants food or love. Now he is grown and if you open my parents front door Frank comes running down the driveway for some attention.

I am an animal lover all the way through. Thanks for reading about my babies and if you are interested in getting a pet I encourage you to look at adoption first!
I have a new Paleolithic recipe in the works so we'll get back on track soon!


  1. Ohh I LOVE all these photos! I'm so glad you posted about your fur-babies. I love how snuggly they are with each other and I also love Frank!!

  2. Liked viewing your recipes (including your perspective on adding dairy) . . . but this was my favorite blog post!