Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's so easy a caveman can do it

I must say there are days when following this diet have me very frustrated.
Is following the Paleolithic Diet easy? Maybe for a caveman. He did not have restaurants to choose from, or friends to meet for a drink after work.

I don't always like to do things the easy way, and it's very convenient to eat all of the mass produced, chemically enhanced food in our supermarkets. It would be much quicker for me to pick up a frozen pizza than to individually pick out items for a healthy meal. But it's important to me to say healthy so I'm taking the time and making the effort.

Eating at your house is one thing, but going out to eat and trying to stick with no sugar, grains, rice or pasta is far another.
Ordering at the BBQ restaurant earlier this week, I was excited to get some pulled pork but was leery of the BBQ sauce, "Does it have sugar in it?" I asked. "Some" they replied. So I used just a little bit of sauce, because how can you eat BBQ with out the BBQ sauce?
My sides were a whole other debate. Coleslaw should be cabbage with mayo and a bit of mustard right? "Does it have sugar in it?" I asked. "Oh yea" they replied. My friend looked at the nice lady taking our order and told her I was crazy.

Working on some new recipe posts to keep eating interesting and yummy! More from my Paleo Kitchen soon!

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