Monday, September 14, 2009

Salmon Sashimi and a visit to Auburn

On Friday I went to the farmers market down the street and got some sushi grade Salmon. I sliced it and paired it with a great salad for lunch.
Fish is always on the list of Paleo approved items!
Saturday morning we got up bright and early to go to the Auburn/Mississippi State game. It was a great trip!
We tailgated with Whitney and her family. She's my best friend from High School. We lived together for 4 years at Auburn. Her daughter Tucker is 2 and a half and the perfect subject for my camera!
Lots of play makes little girls tired. Someone did NOT want their picture taken here!
Whitney is the best mom. It amazes me to watch her. When my little ones come along I hope I will have all it takes to do what she does. I will call her a lot!

We met Adam's dad, step-mom and sister and headed into the game. Adam and Carlye had fun with her glasses. The game was great, Auburn won and we headed downtown to Bodega, our favorite bar, for one last drink. Some people are determined to close down all the bars in downtown Auburn ad Bodega is the latest victim. We are sad to see it go. It's apparently being replaced with a crepes restaurant.
I hope you all had a great weekend. More from my Paleo kitchen soon!

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