Monday, September 21, 2009

Frozen Margaritas

Excuse the delay. I have been working on this post since Sunday night! Atlanta received 7 consecutive days of rain which resulted in a small flood in our crawl space! So we've spent the first part of the week dealing with that. All is well, the water is drained, the air conditioning unit is dry and working, and we have a fan going full blast below to prevent any mold and mildew!
But back to the fun part of this post!
This weekend we went to Charlotte for Adam to get Crossfit Level 1 Certification. He was in class both days and he is now able to train people in the glorious world of crossfit.
I took a picture of him with Sarah and Rebecca before they left the first day.
I call this "First Day of School"We were lucky to stay with our good friends Jon and Aften. Aften had to work on Saturday so Jon and I were left to entertain ourselves. Jon has recently purchased a frozen drink machine so what else is there to do than spend our life savings on Paleo Margaritas!!!
Now if you are not familiar with the Paleo Margarita then I'm here to let you know they are amazing!Here are the ingredients:
1.5 oz. Tequila
1 oz. soda water
.75 oz. agave nectar
1 lime juiced
Shake it all together and enjoy the goodness.
As you can tell, for the machine we had to multiply the recipe... a lot!Have you ever wondered what Doberman looks like dressed as a bumble bee? You don't have to wonder anymore!
Have a great rest of your week. More from my paleo kitchen later!!

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