Wednesday, September 9, 2009

allow me to introduce...

These two are loved like children! They have great personalities, and we love them to pieces. We got Cooper during Adam's last semester at Auburn. He was found on University in a ditch curled up in a little ball. He is our "high anxiety" dog and shakes and whines whenever he is distressed! We got "little" Jackie a year later from Pit Prints, a local pit bull rescue. Her litter was saved from the fighting life on New Years day and we got her 8 weeks later. She loves her big brother and cannot do anything without him! She has all the characteristics of her "Bully" breed, she loves to play and knocks Cooper out of the way when we are petting him to make sure she gets all the attention!
They are also favorites at Crossfit Peachtree. They go every day and hang out while we sweat it out!
But onto more Paleo matters, we had some great Chicken Sausage last night from Trader Joes. I paired it with some steamed frozen veggies and a few mushroom ravioli. I don't eat much pasta so I enjoyed these very much! We just grilled the sausage for 6 minutes on each side, it comes fully cooked so you don't have to worry about getting it cooked all the way through, just getting it nice and hot! Enjoy!
More from my paleo kitchen tomorrow.

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