Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paleo Sweet Tea

I grew up here in the south and I am in love with sweet tea. Usually you would pack it full of sugar, as a kid I liked when it made my teeth hurt :)
But now I'm older and I know better, so I drink tea sweetened with honey and it tastes just the same as good ole southern sweet tea.
Bring one quart of water to a boil, then remove from heat.

Add in two family sized tea bags and let steep for 5 mintues.

Add in 1/2 cup of honey and stir until blended.
Pour tea into 2 quart pitcher and add in 1 quart of water.
Stir to blend.
Some southerners like a squeeze of lemon, others prefer some mint. However you enjoy your tea pour it over some ice and enjoy!
More from my paleo kitchen later!


  1. Do you really enjoy this as much as sugar-sweetened tea? As a fellow Southerner, my sweet tea is the one thing I haven't been able to give up on Paleo. I now use turbinado sugar to sweeten tea (by the glass) after trying stevia extract and not being able to stomach the aftertaste. My chiropractor (who turned me onto Paleo) told me to stay away from agave nectar, but recommended just using turbinado sugar (even though it's not Paleo) whenever I feel like having a glass. However, I'd like to be able to make pitchers again to keep in the fridge instead of having to add sugar to every glass (which, as you know, doesn't dissolve well in cold tea). I may need to try this!

  2. Could you make a simple syrup with coconut sugar? I think it is paleo. I haven't tried it myself, but it is worth a try.