Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NYC/Hamptons/Mag Reunion Part I

On Thursday night the husband and I flew out to NYC to visit my college roommate Suzanne. After sitting on the runway for an extra hour (grr) we were finally let off the plane and Suzanne was waiting for me at the bottom of the escalator with a big hug.
We jumped in the car and headed for a drive through Manhattan! Adam snapped the best picture going through Times Square.
After a quick glass of wine and a good nights sleep we set off for our 5 mile jog in the city.
We went over to the docks and I really liked this series of fountains.

Too bad it was Friday because we could have gone out for a row! We found this on a boathouse down by the water.

This was Adam's first time in the city and he said I described it just right, full of energy! Everyone is on the move all the time. We got to see so many different neighborhoods and diverse people on our jog.

I had to take a picture of this billboard.
Central Park
Bryant Park, where project runway has it's final runway show.
Bryant park was filled with lots of well dressed people eating lunch. Out of all the places we went through, the vibe I got here was "stuck up." I told Adam they all appeared to think they were very important and having very important conversations over expensive sandwiches.
I really like this logo though. After our run we took a tour of Suzanne's building and showed off our Crossfit skills.

This is Abe and Suzanne's balcony. It looks right at the Empire State Building. They hosted lots of parties here until a glass panel from a balcony above fell onto their balcony...we did not spend much time out there this trip...We tested out our crossfit skills again, handstands in front of the Empire State Building.
Suzanne worked very hard to get us and the building in the shot. Thanks photographer :)

I have to show you their kitchen table. I love that the legs were made from old calipers.

After a paleo turkey burger (with no bun) for lunch at the Barking Dog we packed up the car and picked up Jennifer, Shaina and Beth from the airport and headed to the Hamptons.

I wish I had a picture of us in the "van" we were really packed in! Once we arrived at the house the first thing on the agenda (of course) was food and sangria. When my girls get together we can make an impressive spread.
Beth, Shaina & Jennifer. Our gracious hosts Abe & Suzanne.
Here is a tour of the house.

Suzanne had goodie bags waiting for us filled with sunscreen, cookies and Hamptons magazines!
We spent Saturday morning lying by the pool.
And getting some fresh produce from Suz's garden.
I tried out my handstand again.
Then we got dressed and headed to the Polo Match.

Here we are on the field stomping the divots-just like in Pretty Woman!

Highlights of Polo: Cupcakes!!Hot security guards ;)
Celebrities (sort of) This is Ramona from the Real Housewives of New York
Simon and Alex from Real Housewives of New York.
Here you can see all the other celebs we were around and had no idea!
Another highlight (for the husband) was amazing cars.

The polo match was interesting too, when we were not snagging free drinks, eating cupcakes, and stalking celebs.

More Hamptons fun to come check back later!

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