Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hamptons Part II

We had so much fun up in NYC I just could not fit it all into one post. Here is the rest of our weekend.

After the polo match we headed home to get ready for a night out at Dune Southampton. Which is the Axe Lounge for the summer.
Do we look like red carpet material? I hope so, we walked right up to the front of the line and Abe got us right in with no cover charge. This guy's a keeper!

The first thing we do inside is order a round of shots which were $15 each then Adam and I ordered 2 Vodka/waters and it was $27. So after that we nursed beers the rest of the night! Here is Adam, treating his beer like gold!
It only took about 10 minutes for the O'Brien's to find something raised to dance on.
At one point we looked over and Sean William Scott aka "Stiffler" was in the booth next to us. We tried to snag some pictures. I literally saw that girl in the floral dress push her way past the bouncer to get next to him, later we saw her leave with him! Guess that's how it's done!I bet you're wondering how we knew that was him. He was standing next to the club owner and Abe went to talk with him and got introduced. I also verified it with the tatoo! Because I'm just crazy stalker like that.

Here are the boys in true Hamptons fashions-no undershirts. Not sure if the women up there have a thing for chest hair or what but Adam was happy because he wasn't as hot! Abe is the funniest, happiest person so this picture cracks me up, mr. serious face!
The club was packed and getting a drink or making a bathroom run got harder and harder. Adam, Colleen and I headed out about 2:30. The house was about a mile from the club, one cab driver wanted $40 from us, we found one for a "deal" at $20. The rest of the group made it home at 3:30 after unsuccessfully begging their cabbie to take them to Burger King.

On Sunday morning Julie, Colleen, Beth & Jennifer all headed back home. The 5 of us left spent the day napping, eating and watching Bridezillas, the boys were not fans.
That night we got dressed and headed into town for dinner.
This table was perfect for us because were were practically outside. The food was amazing. I had scallops, one of my favorites!
I have not talked about my obsession with the shrubs and hydrangeas so far but I just could not get over the privacy hedges up there. We tried to drive around to see all the houses and everything is surrounded by perfectly manicured boxwoods. Also the hydrangeas were amazing. So many colors and all full of blooms. The climate must just be great for them. This is Suzanne and Shaina in front of some bushes. We walked around "town" after our gelatto!

Overall we had a great vacation, one we will always remember. Just want to say thank you SO MUCH to Abe and Suzanne, you guys went above and beyond to make sure we all had such a good time. Love you friend, hope to see you again soon ;)

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